Save your hackers from this way to your Smartphone ...

Save your hackers from this way to your Smartphone ...
1. Protect your Smartphone from hackers like this
Smartphone has now become an inseparable part of life. Currently, the level of cyberacticity is increasing. It has become very necessary to take care of some things and depending on it some of the worst situations have to be faced. Today we are telling you about some things that can help prevent theft of smart phone data.
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2. Encrypt
You can encrypt the full data of the device on the Android App. To decode data, you have to enter a PIN or password every time. This patch work works but you do not have to worry if a smartphone goes in the hands of a bad person. It can be activated by going to the Android device's security settings. Apart from that, you can also try AppLock, Document Locker (Android) and Signal (iOS).
3. Do not connect to any Wi-Fi
If you are in a free Wi-Fi zone, do not mistake it for connecting. It's best that you browse through it by using good data packs. It may also be that if you are using other WiFi, then your information may also be leaked by it. So do not use bank apps with Wi-Fi only.
4. Attention to download app
The apps you see in Google Play and Apple Store are displayed. You download apps from the Play Store. Many websites or e-mails ask you to download an app from a link. If you download an app from there, the security of the phone may be in danger. So do not download the app from another platform.
5. Install anti-virus
If you browse different websites and download content on your smartphone, then install an anti-virus in the smartphone. There are some anti-viruses available on AVG Free, Avast on the online platform. You can also buy Norton or Kaspersky Android Antivirus App. This will keep your smartphone safe.
Keep your smartphone's software and apps always updated. Software deficiencies are continually being removed, including those associated with the security. That's why keep adding to safe Wi-Fi and updating devices.

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