The learning process of the central government is being simplified by the BJP government. Draft notification has been issued by Ministry of Road Transport, wherein issuing a support card for learning license will be provided. Now the licensors will not have to give medical certificates. Instead, the self certification will be valid. The application form has been simplified by the government. Rules for driving licenses will be kept in all states.
The support card will be recognized for identifying the person. For this, a new format has been created by the ministry, in which a support number display column has been kept. If a person has a support card, he will not need to provide any other documents. Other ID proof will be valid for voter credentials, LIC policy, passport, school living certificate, birth certificate, affidavit etc. In this, the Aadhaar card has been given priority. Until then people had to give a medical certificate for a driving license, but now instead of self-certification, physical fitness information can be given. If the applicant is more than 40 or if he has to renew the license then he will have to give a medical certificate.
Apart from this, the applicant must provide all the details of the driving. Which driver has trained in school, what time has taken, driving school name, roller display? Previously, the driving schools were giving certificates to the people by taking money, which were not trained, but were able to get the license, now these driving licenses could prevent accidents.
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