Petrol and diesel prices are likely to fall by Diwali

Petrol and diesel prices are likely to fall by Diwali
Amritsar: The sharp increase in the price of petrol can be reduced by Diwali. Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said in Punjab Amritsar on Tuesday that the price of petrol will be reduced till Diwali. His statement comes at a time when the opposition has begun to embrace the government on rising petrol prices. Congress on Monday protested against the rising price of petrol across the country.
Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, who visited Amritsar, hoped that the price of petrol could be reduced by Diwali. The minister got the rank of Cabinet Minister this month. The minister said that the price of refinery oil increased by 13 percent due to flooding in the US due to flooding.
Asked about the profits of oil companies, the minister said that this is determined by the government. On the additional profits of the companies, he said that all the water is clear. He hopes that the Petroleum product will also be covered in GST, which will greatly benefit the consumers.
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