Now we can get rid of freeze!

Gandhidham, Ta 3: O .. ho .. Today's last date is to fill the lightbulb. Today there will be a long queue on the counter. Every common man's home is having a lot of grief, but now in the next, people will get rid of this disorder, headache. Rechargeable meters will be installed in the next generation by recharge with the recharge of mobile phones. Electricity will be used as much as recharge. When will the electricity shut down when Richardson's money is lost?
Electricity is an indispensable and basic need in the infrastructure of people as well as for the development of the state, when backlash of electricity can also create a terrible accident. Can the economical use of electricity be complementary to the state and people's development?
Many people using electricity can not fill the vigil on time because of the financial constraints, some do not pay electricity even by stalking. These people have got to have a brawl or a blaze even when the power company is collecting money? It has happened before? The person who has to wear a velocity has to stand in line for hours. Now the electrician has found a new alchemy. Under which, pre-payment (pre-paid) meters will be installed everywhere in the coming days? Under this scheme, some meters of the Rajkot corporations have installed such meters as a pilot project, official sources said.
Now we need to recharge if electricity is required. There will be a recharge of as many electricity as needed every month. When the recharge charges are to be completed, the bell will be played in the meter and the vigilant will be asked to pay the money. However, if the meter is not recharged then the power division will not be able to cut the power supply, but will it stop automatically?
How many units did you use in this meter last month, even in high temperature? And the difference will be shown how much usage this month has done, so you can know exactly how many units per month you need and how much balance is there in the meter like mobile?
Sources further added that initially these meters can be recharged in cash, but in the coming days, people will be able to recharge the electricity from internet or mobile applications and after recharge, the recharge centers will be built in the power stations of the area for recharge.
In some areas of Rajkot, such meters have been installed, even in Kutch, if people actually feel like this meter, the time of the people and the electricity is also being spent? In the enlightened category, discussions that save lives and save energy and energy is being saved.
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