Now the only driving license will be the driving license, the convenience of the single form

Now the only driving license will be the driving license, the convenience of the single form
The printed plastic driver's licence has been a standard for many years, acting not just as proof that you can drive but as an ID to verify your age and identity. The licence has a status that transcends mere motoring.
Just as concert tickets, airline boarding passes, Starbucks loyalty cards and Wallet digital payments are migrating onto your smartphone, your driver's licence is heading down the same route.
Soon you could be able to produce your smartphone instead when you are asked for your driver's licence.
A free App will store your licence, for use in traffic stops and any other place where you are asked to provide your ID. When boarding a plane in the U.S. at an Iowa airport, you may be able to use your smartphone for identification. Such a venture would make Iowa the first state in the U.S. to provide digital identification documents. Iowa is one of several states that already allow for proof of insurance to be displayed on an electronic device in digital format.
I am someone who would like to be able to get my library card and or gym membership card for example on the smartphone. So digitising the driving licence will be a great convenience. Currently if you leave your house without your wallet, you can use your phone to pay for things in retail locations that support Apple Pay or Samsung Pay or Android Pay. Having digital access to our ID's, and to other important documents, would go a long way towards eliminating the old-fashioned bulky wallet that contains the different cards that we have for everything we need access to.
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