Now Modi Government will give new jobs to the people

Now Modi Government will give new jobs to the people
New Delhi: The Modi government has targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his difficulties due to the problems faced by the Opposition. He has decided to work on this issue for the next few days. PMO has given clear instructions to all ministries that now should come up with similar schemes in which new employment advertisements will be made available to younger generations.
The Cabinet Secretary has also given the information of PMO's order to every secretary. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi also indicated that he himself would make a big issue of this problem of job. They will not leave any chance to strike the government on the issue of employment.
But for this reason now the Modi government has also come to Damage Control Mode. For this PMO has given a new target to employment and employment to all ministries and departments. However, now the Modi government is also worried about the employment of government figures.
Take the PMO's order to take jobs
1. Appointment of every government vacancy will be started for everyone by the end of December 31.
2. In any proposal of any ministry, if any kind of presentation is not given if employment is not given, then further processing will not be done.
3. The policy commission has been ordered to declare job statistics in an unorganized sector more quickly.
4. The list of people working on the basis of the Mundra scheme and their job statistics received within their project will be declared separately.
5. Job data is declared every month. The policy commission is now preparing to announce job statistics every third month. But PM Modi wants to see job statistics in India in the list of developed countries every month.
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