Now get rid of the hassle of keeping a driver's license

Now get rid of the hassle of keeping a driver's license
- Driving license and even the soft copy of the car's RC Book will be in an unbeliever locker
- What is this unbelievably locker! Learn ...
Do you feel the hassle of keeping a driver's license and carriage with the RC Book, do you ever forget that both of these items are forgotten at home now? Because the police will not punish you if these two important things are not physically yours.
The Government of India has eliminated the compulsions of keeping these documents together while driving. Now you can run your work by showing a soft copy to the police, but this soft copy should be in your digital locker. Traffic police will verify your driving license from here.
What is this unbelievably locker?
Digital Locker PM is an important part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ambitious digital India program. The aim of the digital locker is to reduce the use of physical documents and promote e-documents interaction among agencies. By creating an account, you can store important documents such as birth certificates, passports, educational certificates online. The digital locker also has the facility of e-sine which can be used to digitally sign.
How to Make Digital Locker?
To use Digital Locker or Digloker, you will need to create your account at For which you will need your support card number. A support number will be sought for signup on the site and two options are available for user verification.
This password will come in the first OTP, which means that the one time password you have given in your mobile number by clicking on it. If you choose another option that means a thumb mark, a page will open where the fingerprints will have to mark their thumb. If the target is valid then the user can be certified and after that you will be able to create your own user name and password.
Share with government departments and agencies
If you click on the option of the stock, a dialog box will open if you upload any paper or offer different options to the different agencies that give you the paper. In the dialog box you can place the e-mail id of the person or organization you want to share, and click on the share, the link to the relevant mail ID will be mailed to, which it will be able to use.
Files in PDF, JPG.JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF format files can be saved in this locker. The size of files to be uploaded should not be more than 1 MB. At present, every user will get 10 MB of space, which is then proposed to increase to 1 GB. This facility will ensure the authenticity of the online document.
Why Digital Locker?
For this type of facility only the document saved in the digital locker has been approved. The reason for this is that there is no concern with the counterfeit scandal because you need a support card to create an account on it. For which there is a simple and clean process. This facility will ensure the authenticity of the online document.
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