Now get confirmation on ticket for movie ticket, life will be easier

Now get confirmation on ticket for movie ticket, life will be easier
There has been speculation over the past few months that WhatsApp is in the process of launching a separate app for the business. In the beginning of this week, WhatsApp also announced that a green tickled base will be placed next to the business accounts name, which will announce its certification. This verification means that the company has allotted a number of business accounts to that number.
On the FAQ page, it has also been said that users will be shown how they can talk directly with companies in Yellow Chatbox. In the post, the company also says that the chat message will not be an option to delete and if the user does not want to talk to any company, he can also block it.
According to a report, WhatsApp has also started testing this feature in India. This service has been started with the BookMyShow service. BookMyShow now sends a message of confirmation of ticket booking to its users on WhatsApp.
According to the report, according to a user's confirmation report, a user shared a screenshot of the confirmation message on Twitter. This message is written, "We will send you a confirmation ticket on this chat. If you do not want to receive our message, send 'Stop'. According to the closest reports of BookMyShow, it has also been written that this feature has passed beyond the picts testging phase and the ticketing platform is using it completely.
Apart from BookMyShow, WhatsApp has also partnership with the CAB provider OLA and the hotel room company OYO. OLA will send messages and invoices using WhatsApp, and likewise send OYO booking confirmation to WhatsApp.
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