Now the driving license to avoid the robbery of the traffic police is only 200 rupees

Now the driving license to avoid the robbery of the traffic police is only 200 rupees
You can apply online for a driving license. There are alternatives to making online driving licenses by going to the state government and the central government's web site.
Being a driving license online, you can create yourself without the help of an agent.
In Gujarat, now all the activities of learning and lined driving license are done online. For which you have to go to a website called This website operates the Central Government Road and Transportation Ministry. You can take an appointment to get a raw and qualified license from it.
You have to take an appointment from if you want to take a new education license or renew it. You can find the first link in the Sarita licensing service on the website's home page. Here is the link to apply for learning or license. But when you click on it you will get two different options.
After selecting the Learning License option, you have to fill in your details online. On the day of appointment, you have to take a copy of Form-2 and photocopy and original of the document. Here you have to pay a fixed fee, and if you do not have a license, then you have to give an online exam. But if you have a two-wheeler license and you are going to take a four-wheeler learning license, then there is no need to give you an online exam.
You also have to fill out the online form just like a learning license to obtain a license for the license, along with it you will also have to provide the number of learning license. Keep in mind that after 30 days of getting your Learning license, you can apply for a lucrative license. Here you also have to pay fees by going to RTO. However, if you fill in the form you will only need to print it
Proof of age:
For ages, one must have a document below. You have to take the original document at the time of the application. Also, their true copy will also be taken along.
Water ID Card -
School Certificate -
LIC Policy -
Passport - Birth Certificate
This document will require address proofs:
There is a document below for the address proof. At the time of your appointment, you have to take original original document.
They will also have to take with their true copy.
- Water ID
- Passport
- Government Pay Sleep
- Pension passbook
- Weapons license
This will be the fee:
Licensing fee for the learner - 200 rupees
Permanent License Fee - 200 Rupees
Renewal of driving licenses - 200 rupees
International Driving License Fee - 1000 Rupees ...
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