The government is moving forward in connecting mobile SIM cards with Aadhaar card. According to informed sources, all mobile SIM cards which were not linked to the Aadhaar card will be deactivated from February 2018. Sources said, according to the order passed by the Supreme Court in February 2017 in the Lokniti Foundation case, the Aadhaar number is joining the Mobile Seamcard. According to the Supreme Court's order, all seamcards are to be checked with support from the date of the verdict in one year, so after February 2018, all the SIM cards not affiliated with the Aadhaar card will be deactivated. In this way criminals, offenders and militants can not use SIM cards.
In February 2017, the Central Government told the Supreme Court that an effective system would be set up in a year for testing prepaid SIM card users. 90% of mobile users in the country use prepaid seamcards. In the petition filed by the Lokniti Foundation, the Supreme Court had demanded that people using prepaid SIM cards be able to scrutinize so that the SIM cards used with bogus identity can be abolished. Hearing this petition, the Supreme Court ordered the government to arrange the system as quickly as possible to verify the customer using the SIM card.
However, sources on abuse of mobile operator companies have said that mobile operators will not be able to store the biometric data of the support card or receive other personal information.
The biometric data collected by mobile companies will have to be sent separately to the UIDAI at the same time and if a customer's biometric information is collected in any way by a service provider, a criminal complaint will be filed against it. Under the Act Act 2016, it can be sentenced to up to three years imprisonment.
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