Money will be given in exchange for WhatsApp usage!

Facebook is now ready to make money from WhatsApp. In the Wall Street Journal, a report has been published on Tuesday, in which the information related to this has been given. It has been said that more than 100 million people use WhatsApp every day.
In a blog post in WhatsApp, it has been written that, some new features are being tested now, if companies come to WhatsApp, they will be easy to communicate.
It has been written in the blog post that, "Small companies get free WhatsApp business app by creating and tweaking new tools and preparing for big companies such as airlines, e-commerce sites and banks, Will be able to establish communication on. "
WhatsApp has launched a pilot program in which a green tick will be seen next to any business commenta that will verify that WhatsApp has bailed out business services.
In the interview given to the company's chief operating officer Mad Edema Wall Street Journal, he believes that going forward he will get the money for these services for the companies. News Agency Reuters reported in March that WhatsApp is preparing to borrow money from companies for making customers.
Facebook launched WhatsApp in 2009, giving Facebook a $ 22 billion zodiac sign in 2014. But, so far Facebook has not made any changes in WhatsApp and did not even focus on earning money from it. In July 2017, the company started showing ads in its messenger service. According to reports, Idema has neither provided more information about features, nor has it been said, "When will this happen?" He did not have any detailed information about the economic party. "
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