Modi Sir new gift poor public

Modi Sir new gift poor public
On Monday, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the budget of Rs 16,320 crore on the occasion of Shatadwadi, the birth anniversary of Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay. The purpose of this scheme is to bring electricity to every household in the country. The Prime Minister inaugurated the ONGC Headquarters Dindayal Energy Bhawan. Union minister RK Singh said that for some time we have been running a plan to provide electricity to the non-electrified villages. We want to deliver electricity to every village by 2018. But now we are working fast in it. Because, it is not enough to deliver electricity only to the villages. Electricity is required for every household in the country. That is why we are coming up with a Sadbhavna plan. By the end of 2018, when every household in the country has electricity, it would seem that the country has been electrified.
Singh said that we want to organize a system that does not have load shading anywhere. The government has targeted to provide electricity 24 hours a day. Earlier, there was a plan to provide free electricity connections to BPL families but now it has also been linked to ABL families. Only 500 rupees will be taken from them. This will not be collected simultaneously but the electricity bill will be levied in 10 installments. The solution of any defect will be removed by the staff of the electricity department. Electricity bills can also be paid by mobile phones.
What is a gentleman's plan
1. Full name of the scheme: Prime Minister, Sahaj Bijli Hari Ghar Yojana
2. By March 31, 2019, electricity targets in every household in the country
3. Electricity in 18,000 villages by the end of 2018
4. Power Linkage to BPL and APL families in Rs. 500

PM Modi formulated Economic Advisory Council

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday formulated Economic Advisory Council to help the government on important issues. Vivek Debroy, a member of the Council of Chairpersons of the Council will be present. Apart from this, Surjit Bhalla, Rathin Roy and Ashima Goyal are included in this conference. Member Secretary of the Policy Commission, will be the Principal Advisor to the RRT The conference will advise Prime Minister Modi on various issues including economic
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