Modi Government's decisions will widen your eyes!

Modi Government's decisions will widen your eyes!
After becoming the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi repeatedly took social media discussions with some decisions made by the government. In which Modi Government's good decisions are always vigorously propagated. However, now the Modi government is being criticized for taking some decisions of the Modi government in social media. As well as the decisions of the Modi government, big businessmen seem to have benefited more than the government instead. However, there are some decisions that you might get surprised by reading.
1. Digital India led by Reliance Jio took this opportunity when BSNL / MTNL also had the opportunity.
2. In the medium of Cashless Economy, NPCI was able to earn money. But these opportunities got direct 'PATIM'
3 Must be a Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Indian partner of Rafael Fighter Jet. But Reliance got the order - Pipawa Defense
4 Indian Railways should meet the contract to supply diesel to Indian Oil Corporation, but got Reliance Petrochemicals
5 Australia's mining tender 'MMTC'; Bank's guarantee could have been provided through SBI. But it got Adani group
Thus, government agencies are intentionally opposing this policy of benefiting private companies. Apart from this, if there is any economic reform in the economy, then the benefit is being transferred to private companies instead of government companies.
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