General Batch for all the competitive exams conducted by GCSE, CLERK, Bailiff, Constable and Govt. Of Gujarat after standard 10, 12 and after graduation, a reasonable fee of Rs. 3,000 / - for students of poor and middle class students, From 2/10/17 Monday, Gujarat's nominated and SPIPA X faculty will be started by Kazisar and his specialist team. The duration of the batch From 2/10/2017 to 1/1/2018. The purpose of this is to enable students to make their own career by giving them the right direction. Since taking a limited number, contact the following number and fill out the fee and register in the category.
Specialty: - Fair Fee - Weekly Test - A Rapid Study of Every Subject

For the first time in the history of competitive examination, half an hour, Kaun Banega Crorepati type poetry (for Bhavnagar and for the first time in Gujarat)
Contact: M. 9904200883 & 9277959697 Time: 4pm to 6pm
Location: Situ Women Hostel, Sardar Nagar, Bhavnagar
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