Malware recovered at the Google Play store, again risking Android users

1. Malware Found in Google Play Store
Once again, the Android smartphone users have a risk bell. Because, the security firm, Czech Points claims that there are more than 50 harmful apps on the Google Play Store. This app also takes money from the customers for fake service.
Surprisingly, these fake apps have been downloaded very well by the people. Until that these apps have been downloaded more than 1 million from the Play Store. According to the report, this malware apparatus has so far targeted 5,000 Devices.
2. Malware Found in Google Play Store
This is not the first time that Android smartphones have targeted the malware apps from Android's Google Play store. However, Google recently prepared a roadmap for the protection of Play Store. The Play Protect has been launched to scans the apps under it.
This Android Malware is being called Expensive Wall and sends Frood SMS to this user. Without the users, this application of permissions demands money for its fake service. However, malware wallpapers are found in the app. Once the app is downloaded to your mobile, the first one wants some permissions from these users. Generally the user performs this permit on the check box. Because, almost all app users ask for this type of permissions.
3. Malware Found in Google Play Store
This malware app only asks for a permissions from the user, which can connect it to the fract server. Not only that, this submission also includes sending and receiving SMS from stolen sensitive information. Malware Premium sends SMS without informing the user and registers for the paid service without assigning it.
4. Malware Found in Google Play Store
The same is known to Google as the company has been removed from the Play Store. However, the checkpoint has said that this app has been removed from the Google Play store. But this will continue to damage the smartphone, until it manually deletes it.
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