Make Your Smartphone As Tv Remote

Make Your Smartphone As Tv Remote
If you forget about putting the Remote Control somewhere then we have come up with a trick for you, using which you can use your smartphone as a Universal Remote Control. Apart from remote controls, many devices can be controlled without the TV, music system, which requires separate remote.
If you have smart TV, Android TV, then there is an app called Android TV Remote Control in the Google Play store, which Google Inc has created, just install this app in your phone. After that it will have to be set.
2. Create Smartphone Remote Control
How to set up an app in the Wi-Fi network?
First of all, be aware that your TV and phone are connected with Wi-Fi only.
- Then open the Android TV Remote Control app on the phone.
Now select the name of the TV you are using in the app.
- When selecting a name, a PIN will appear on your TV, type it on the option given in the pin app.
- Then click on the Pair option given in the app, now your phone is connected to the TV.
3. Create Smartphone Remote Control
How to connect using Bluetooth?
If you are not using Wi-Fi, you can connect the phone to a TV using Bluetooth using a remote application.
First of all, turn on the Bluetooth given on the phone.
- Then open the Android TV Remote Control app.
- In the phone you will see an error associated with Wi-Fi, but do not panic for it and wait a plate.
4. Create Smartphone Remote Control
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