Make this Virus in 60 Seconds, Repeat To Any Internet

Most users who work on computers and laptops usually have general information about the virus. Virus is a type of malicious program that can interfere with your computer without affecting your operating system.
There are many types of viruses, including Trojans and others, have you ever wondered how this virus is made? Or have you ever thought about making this virus?
2. Create this virus in 60 seconds
Viruses can harm anyone's computer, but today we are telling you about one such virus. It does not damage any computer's data but it stops the computer's Internet. You can make this virus manually in 60 seconds. Let's know how ...
This is a virus that does not harm any computer. The virus will stop the Internet from running on the computer only if you or any person (who also want to enter the virus in the computer).
3. Create this virus in 60 seconds
You can also use this trick to pre-brand your friends. There is no difference between computer data or operating system.
The virus needs only 60 seconds to be created. First of all open Notepad in your computer. Now type the following text in Notepad.
@Echo off
Ipconfig / release
4. Create this virus in 60 seconds
Save this file in a .bat format, such as internet.bat or virus.bat let's send it to our friends. This will leave the IP address and can not use the Internet.
You can also fix it a little bit. For this, please type in IPconfig / renew it.
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