When the support has become necessary for almost every work now, the government is now also looking at the basis of all the work needed. Some months ago, telecom companies asked to link to the phone number. It has been ordered to link it in a phased manner. It seems that, now the telecom companies are speeding up the process of linking the base from the mobile number.
Vodafone has started sending messages to its customers. It has been said that, according to the government order, it is necessary to link the Vodafone mobile number to the support card. You can go to the nearest retailers to continue their service. According to the order, this process will be completed before 6 February 2018. That is, after that it is possible that the service can not be stopped by issuing a support card to the mobile user. Of course, these messages are being sent to all people, not just for all people. However, by this message it is clear that, if you do not link your support, your number may also be closed.
How To Link Your Aadhaar Card To Mobile Number To Keep It Active
How To Link Your Aadhaar Card To Mobile Number – Hi Guys, Many Of Us Here Are Airtel Or Idea SIM Cards Users & Most Of Us Have Already Got The Message To Link Your Aadhar Card With Your Mobile Number
Most Of Peoples Having Questions That Why To Link The Aadhaar Now? In This Post I Will Describe Everything About Linking Your Aadhaar Card To Mobile Number & Complete The KYC Process for Your SIM
Aadhaar Is Mandatory Now For SIM Card
Recently , The Department of Telecommunication (DOT) Has Instructed All The Indian Telecom Operators To Verify All Mobile Numbers By Linking It To Aadhaar.
Airtel And Idea has Already Started Sending Message To Link Your Aadhaar Card With Mobile Number & Most Operators Will follow Same In Near Future Including BSNL, voda , Telenor Etc.
Process To Link :
First Of All If You Have Got The above SMS Then , visit your nearest retail store of Airtel or Idea Or Your Respective SIMprovide The phone number & Aadhaar card number Of Your to the Store KeeperHe Will Send A four digit verification code On your number for the next level verification process.You Have to give that verification number to the Storekeeper AgainThe retailer will Ask For your fingerprint for the biometric verificationIn within 24 hours, You will Receive Another confirmation message For Final Verifyyou Just Have to reply with the word “Y”, the verification process will be completed.You SIM Card Has Been Successfully Linked With Your Aadhaar Card
It is worth mentioning that work on the retail store has already started linking from the mobile. However, all telecom companies will re-certify the verification of all existing customers. Includes prepaid and postpad users. Its verification support will be based on a card based E-KYC processor.
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