The government has made the mobile number compulsory to link with Aadhaar. If you have not yet linked your SIM card to support, then let us know that the last date for linking a support card is February 28, 2018. If you do not link to this date, your number will be closed.
The government has made the Aadhaar card necessary to prevent fraud in mobile numbers. This year, the Supreme Court issued this country to the Central Government that, within one year, plans to show the identity of more than 100 crore mobile and current mobile telephone users.
It is noteworthy that the Supreme Court is hearing the NGO Lankanite's public interest petition. It has been said that the government and the TRAI should be directed that the identity of the mobile SIM holders and all the accessories be made available. In this order it has been said that no mobile SIM verification can be provided without it.
The Supreme Court issued a notice asking for an answer. The Supreme Court asked the Central Government that there is a new way of verification to keep a mobile SIM card. During the hearing in the Supreme Court, Chief Judge Khehar said that the identity of the mobile SIM card holders must be known. Because, if this is not done, fraud can be used to raise money.
It is to be mentioned that the Central Government has notified the Supreme Court that it has already increased the last date of joining the central government schemes to 31 December. Attorney General K.K. Venugopal has told the Supreme Court that now the linking work was done till September 30 for the benefit of more than 30 government schemes. Now this tithi has increased for 3 months.

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