If your phone hangs frequently, these tips will be adopted

Nowadays, every type of smartphone is available in the market, which has all features for the convenience of the users. However, for a multitasking work on one hand, the phone is being given RAM up to 6 GB. While the 5000 mAh battery is often used to charge the phone, the scandal has been exhausted to a great extent. However, Yurgas faces a big problem and it's going to be a mobile hang. Smartphone frequent hanging has become a headache for mobile users.
Learn why smartphone hangs
You have to wait for each process until you open the app from typing a message. This is because the speed of the phone is low. There may be a number of reasons why the phone has less speed. Such as having memory or having a virus in the phone. However, Yosus, who was tired of this problem, is being shown a trick to solve this problem here. This will make mobile mobile work faster than three times.
This way you can create smartphones fast
For this, you have to first go to the phone's settings, then tap the About option below the bottom. Now there will be an option of the Build number on your screen. Tap on it five to seven times. Tapping on the developer option will be opened only in the mobile setting. Now tap on this option. Here you will find three options: Window tramsition, Scale, Animator Duration Scale and Simulate secondary display.
Tap on each option to turn it off
This is to be done for ATLATA because all the animations use the phone's danahs as well as RAM and memory. By doing so, your phone will become more smart and will work faster than before.
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