If you want to make a home, get ready to wash clothes, high quality and low quality powder

If you want to make a home, get ready to wash clothes, high quality and low quality powder
Two types of powder are below, without chemical, the other one is below it. High Power Detergent Powder
Washing soda - 01 kg
Salt -200 grams
Maido -50g
Slurry -200 grams
Water-100 ml
Method of making
Put plastic seats on the house. Take the soda on the plastic glove. After that, add chopped ¼ baked urea, salt and maida and grate it on the soda. Mix all these well and mix well.
Take 100 grams of water in it, stir well with 5 grams of color. Now, let's slowly slurry a person with a slumber, and the other person shakes well with a wooden rod. It will shake well with a stick and it will become a lugdi as you take it off as you kneel.
After making Lugdi, add the mixture made with soda a little bit (50-100 g) to stir well so that the moisture inside it will dry out and become a lump of powder. When mixing, the chemical reaction takes place and heat gets out of it, so it does not touch the hand.
Put the prepared mixture in the bucket in the soda mixture (powder) on the plastic seat, and after thoroughly rubbing them with both hands so that no lumps remain. As good as a mix, good quality goods will be ready. Check it out and if you have any lumps, then rinse it again. In this way pack the well-sieve powder into the plastic bag according to the size as needed.
(1) A plastic seat for walking
(2) plastic bucket
(3) Wooden dump (sawa) of wood
(4) Storm-bait
(5) flour sieve
(6) sealing machine or stapler
Do not touch the combination of acid slurry, color or water, and during the chemical reaction, do not touch the mixture.
Use only the colors of oil, it should be of good quality.
Very good to wear gloves in hand to prepare more than 16 kg of powder.
Specially pay attention to the powder mixing powder.
Detergence powder (high power)
Soda Ash 02
500 grams of sodium bera carbonate
500 grams of sodium meta silicate
500 grams of sodium sulfate
Acid slary 700 g
Leakwid Foam Booster 200g
Carbonic methyl cellulose 50 grams
25th Grim of Detector Brightner
Tri Sodium phosphate is 500 grams
Tri Sodium Pali Phosphate 250 gms
100 grams of borax
Sodium Laurel sulphate 25 gms
Color 05 g
The way to make
Mix all the ingredients in a plastic compartment, mix well after coloring st. Acid Slary Foam Booster.
Now add acid slurry and foam booster well.
Finally, apply the color and stove powder to the pan.
The powder goes bloating once or twice a day.
Ready-made powder packed in plastic bags. Good quality powder powder ready.

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