If the Android phone is not used for 2 months then all data will be deleted

Many Android users believe Google keeps a backup of everything we link to. Redtish user Tanglebrook believed the same way. But their backup data flies to Google. His mistake was that he started using the iPhone for two months by changing the Android phone. When Google feels that you are an affiliate, he removes all your information from his server, so he started using his Nexus 6P again as a new Android phone, in which he had no old data.
The Android Headlines report says that this person did not get any notifications about this. Tangbrooke also talked to a Google official about this issue but found out that the backup can not be kept in Google Drive or any other space.
It is written in Google's official policy that when a user is inactive for 2 weeks, Google will delete his data from the server. When a user switches to a new Android phone, Google considers the new phone to be an active device. If any Android device is linked to a particular account and if there is any new contact and new settings, then it will sync to another device.
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