How to Link Driving License With Adhar

How to: Learn to connect a base card with a driver's license here 16 Sep. 2017 17:02 It is noteworthy that the base card is attached to all the necessary documents one after the other. When Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad informed about a press conference on Friday, he would soon link the government support card with a driver's license.
 The matter will also be discussed with Nitin Gadkari, he said. Now after joining the support card with PAN card and bank, if you want to join your driving license online with a support card then follow the simple steps below and manually attach the support card to a driving license. Learn more here ... hoe to It is noteworthy that the government will soon take a decision for this and the process will be started soon. It is noteworthy that in different states, there will be a separate process for linking the base card with a driver's license. However, a link to the website of the transport department will also be available for this. Learn how to add support to a driving license here
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