How to Fill up Online Teacher Transfer form- step by step information

How to Fill up Online Teacher Transfer form- step by step information
After introducing reforms in tra.nsfer of government school teachers and online transfer modules, the Gujarat Education Department has now passed a G.overnment Resolution (GR), revising rules for mutual transfer of government teachers.
The major issues concern setting up of a Medical Board that replaces the existing recommendation from a civil surgeon only. This to be the result of a recent detection of forged cases of nearly five transfer applications from government teachers, citing c.ardiac ailments, in which forged medical bills and certificates from a popular heart hospital in Ahmedabad were submitted along with the application.
Now, the education department has constituted a Medical Board as the deciding authority for transfer cases on health grounds. The GR passed by the Gujarat education department this week states that in addition to five years of remaining ser.vice for both the teachers applying for a mutual transfer, they have to give an undertaking that they would not apply for a transfer during their remaining service period.
Again the mutual transfer in only for home districts or home tehsils supported with written evidence in this regard. The last-time transfer rules were revised by the department was on June 23, 2012. “Mutual transfers would be allowed in only the home district or home tehsil of the concerned teachers. In case of female teachers, they would be gi.ven an option to choose from their maternal or in-laws district. A written document proof in regard to their home district have to be attached along with the application,” sates the GR in Gujarati.
However, application other than home district would be considered only in the case of medical grounds after recommendation of the medical board. The district other than the home district would be for treatment purpose only. The reasons cited by authorities fo..r this revision include attempts to remove ambiguity and misuse of transfer rules by tweaking them as per convenience..
“There was need to make clear and defined rules, as well as a meed to set up a Medical Board to do away with misuse of transfer rules on medical grounds,” a senior official said. Earlier, medical cases were supported by civil surgeons with their prescription and medical bills only. However, the revised rule states constitution of a medical board that would decide whether or not the application would be considered.
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