If you want to change your name in your SBI savings bank account, you have to write an application letter to the bank manager.
You have to get a custom application letter for changing your name in bank account. You can get it from your branch and also you can download it. Below is the link to download SBI Saving Account Details:
Account Details Addition / Modification / Deletion Request From Depository Participant Name / Address
Now you have to write an application requesting the name change in you SBI savings account. You have to mention the following in the application:
Your existing saving / current account number and customer ID / CIF number.
Your existing name, followed by the new name.
A a valid reason for name change.
Your old and new specimen signatures.
Your contact details; postal address, mobile number, and email address.
You should also provide some important documents like:
Valid proof of name change
You can provide self-attested copy of your marriage certificate (if you are a women and want to change after marriage).
An attested copy of the Gazette notification with the old and new names on it (if changing name for any other reason).
Valid proof of signature
In case you change your signature you have to provide any government-issued self-attested photo identity documents where your signature is notarised or duly attested by competent authorities.
Kindly approach your home branch with a copy of your ID card which carries the name you desire and submit a written request for change of name in that branch.
For instance if your name in the account is Barack Obama whereas you want to change it to Barack Hussein Obama then you would need to submit a copy of any of the undermentioned documents with the name Barack Hussein Obama.
a) Voter I Card
b) PAN Card
c) Aadhar Card
d) Passport
e) Driving License
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