A permit account number or PAN card is an important document. And it has become mandatory in any kind of big economic transaction. It is important to have an important ID proof as well as its presence in banking and income-related work. PAN card is also required for identification. In all the transactions you have to give your PAN card in government offices and in most other farms. If you do not have a PAN card and want to know how to remove it online, read this article.
how to file
Today, the IT department has allowed people to apply online for making new papers. But you should clarify that this facility is only for the new PAN card. So how to apply online please know in detail here
At first you have to log in to this website. Is a website.
NSDL's Man Page has many options. It has a new pagecard, a change of page for tracking and tracking status, a reprint-like application.
If you want to apply for a new page, go to this place
Then fill the 49 farm and submit. You will get an accoliment on the screen that gives a number of 15 digits. And that's your PAN card. You can also keep it safe by printing it. And this 15 digit number you have to send the IT department to the IT department along with all the following documents.
how to file
ID proof
You will also need an ID proof if you fill out an online application for a new PAN card. Let me tell you here you will have to give one of the following IDPro to it.
aadhar card
Water ID
Driving license
Arms License
Pencil card
Health Service Card
Bank certificates
how to file
Additional Documents
Documents such as Electricity Bell, Landline Telephone and Broadband Connection Bill, Water Bill, Gas Connection Card, Bank Account Statement, Credited Card Statement can also be submitted. But keep in mind that all these bills are not very old.
how to file
Birth Certificate Letter
If you have to give a document related to birth certificate, then a certificate of birth certificate, driving license, marriage certificate, matriculation certificate, passport, domicil certificate and tenth standard certificate can also be used.
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