WhatsApp is ubiquitous. It is out there in every smartphone and when a service has millions and millions of users, there are instances when some users block a few other users. The reasons could be many but the crux of the matter is that once you are blocked, you won't be able to send the messages to the person who has blocked you.

But at the same time, there is another question -- how do you know that you have been blocked? Well, there are various ways..

-- If you have enabled last seen for your profile, you should be able to see the last seen status for other users. This means you should be able to see in WhatsApp that your friend Rohit was last online two hours ago. However, if Rohit blocks you, then you won't be able to see this info. Instead, the part where this info appears will be blank..

-- If someone has blocked you then you won't see their profile photos. It will show you the image only if you have applied the image to that person in your phone's contact book..

-- If you are sending messages to a person and they are never delivered, which means they never get two ticks and stay at one tick, you can assume the worst: yep, you are most likely blocked. Even if a user has turned off the read receipts, your messages would still get two ticks once they get delivered. If that is not happening, you are blocked. However, remember that blue ticks means message has been delivered and on some occasions this gets delayed due to network issues etc. So you should wait before you jump to conclusions. It is possible that the phone of the receiver was switched off for one whole day. But if your messages are not going through even after four or five days and you know the receiver is online, you can be 100 per cent sure that you are blocked.

-- You may make a WhatsApp call but if the person has blocked you, the call will never go through.

-- The last way and the best way to find out if you are blocked or not is to ask the person, if that is an option available to you. If someone, who is close, is blocking you could be some reason. May be you can walk up to that person and ask him or her if you are really blocked on WwhatsApp or is it is just the poor network. 

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