Give information and become millionaires, the government is bringing this plan

NEW DELHI: The Central Government, which is preparing for a bigger action against the black money-laundering property in the country, can make a big announcement next month. According to the NNI, the awardees will be given a cash prize of Rs. 1 crore to the investigating agencies investigating illegal wealth.
An official of the Central Direct Tax Board, who is working on this scheme, on the condition of not disclosing the name, said that the person giving the instruction will be given a minimum of 15 lakh and a maximum of one crore rupees. The identity of these persons will also be kept secret, so that there is no threat to their security.
It is worth mentioning that the illegal wealth law has been passed in the Parliament last year. But no provision has been made to reward anyone. An official affiliated with CBDT believes that on the basis of confidential information, it will be very easy to catch anonymous assets and this can be done in a nationwide campaign.
However, after getting the approval from the Finance Ministry, CBDT will announce this new scheme. According to the available information, CBDT may announce this announcement in mid-October or November.
Let us state that the Anonymous Property Act was enforced in November 2016. Many anonymity properties have been identified after this act. Which includes bank deposits and endless wealth.
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