Get information about every government work, sit at home

Get information about every government work, sit at home
The hopes of the people are built with every government in power. The government can not fulfill these expectations, when people can not fulfill the promises made to them, the people give their answers by vote and a new government is formed in power. Even when the Narendra Modi government came in 2014, the people had many hopes from them. When the Modi government came to power, they had these major works, to fulfill the promises made to the people and to restore trust in the government.
By 2014, the people had made decisions on the screen and denied the government's arrangement of the RTI (Right to Information). People could not get detailed information about government work by RTI, despite the right of this people, many people were far from reaching the RTI process.
However, the time has changed now. Under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, electricity, innovative and renewable energy and mining departments have made our decisions, progress and goals digitalized by the mobile app. So the promise of Prime Minister Modi to the Right to a Transform India is fulfilled.
Different Apps
This is an easy-to-use app, the main advantage of which is transparency in government work and this information is available in people's mobile phones. Do you want to know that in which district is electricity available in your district? Log in to GARV. How much does your electricity company pay for electricity? Open MERIT to know this. Now when will the power cut? Log in to URJA Mitra to find out. Before the power cut this app will send you notification in advance.
Go to the TAMRA and TARANG App to get information on the government's various schemes, permissions and acceptance of the government for this, here you will get information about what stage of government plans are currently underway. It is true that before the year 2014 the mines were almost auctioned. In the last three years, the government has created more than 1.22 lakh workers from 29 mining blocks in mineral producing states. You will find more information about this at TAMRA. The TARANG App has played an important role in timely implementation of projects and in the direction of progress and expansion of transmission network. The value of the schemes made during the year 2014-2017 is 83% more than the value of the scheme commissioned between 2011 and 2014. Moreover, the transmission capacity of India has increased only 40% between 2014 and 2017.
Due to the speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Independence Day of 2015, many people of the country had sensitized towards the people who were deprived of electricity. He decided to deliver electricity to rural areas of India within 1000 days and people were pleased to know about the progress of the government in this work. GARV App is an important means of bringing this information to the public. Here you can find out with the list of villages whether there is electricity available. The information and details of the population can be found in GARV 2. In order to make this information more expressive, the information has been added in the villages through detailed study, according to which the people get the ground report of the village. As soon as electricity came out, how many shops, gumes were made in the village.
Corruption was seen on the purchase of power-energy from DISCOM. Now MERIT App and Electricity have reduced costs by taking prudence. In the next 5 years, MERIT is believed to be saving up to 20,000 crores in the cost of power generation and reducing people's electricity bill. The UDAY and URJA App is one step ahead of this and it has been ranked on the basis of the criteria like the state, city, DISCOM etc..
UJALA App is playing an important role in the fastest distribution of LED bulbs. This app is often mentioned internationally, and there is also an interesting fact behind this creation and idea. After dismissing 204 coal blocks by the Supreme Court, PM Modi asked me how many LED bulbs have been distributed so far. I did not have a precise figure, so I said to him, I will check and report. Then I explained to the Prime Minister the importance of regular monitoring of the plans. That is why I asked my team to make this portal, through which any person, at anytime and anywhere, how many LED bulbs have been distributed. Not only the number of LED bulbs distributed here, but how many CO2 emissions have been ignored, how much energy is saved and how many people have saved the bill in the electricity bill. This is why this app became very popular and also helped in the promotion of this project.
Mining Surveillance System (MSS) is an app that promotes what is happening in the field below the ground. Along with proper information, you can also complain about illegal mining, while Coal Mitra will provide information on the most efficient thermal power plants. The ARUN app will teach you how to install solar on your device, as well as information about government operations, installation costs and methods.
Now you will be questioned how many apps are there? Where to find all these apps? How to give information about these apps to the people? For this you only have to give a Miss Call at 1-800-200-300-4. After the Miss Call you will be sent a link, through which you can download the App you like.
(The author of this article is Mr. Piyush Goyal, a Minister of Energy, Mine, Innovative and Renewable Energy and Mining Minister. This is his Gujarati Bhavanuvala.)
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