EMI is coming to people who can not fill the law, be happy to know

The government is preparing a process to declare Individuals as bankruptcies, which help in eliminating the people surrounded by economic crisis. According to the new rule, time will give time to the non-paying people and they will not be forced to pay a single rupee. The main purpose behind this is to make the process more human as the effect of the new rules will be on the farmers, middle class and other employers who are often unable to pay money due to loss of jobs.
The rule has been made 100 years ago for individual insolvency and indigenous insolvency, but it has been used for the last few years. For the case of personal bankruptcy the bank seeks the recovery tribunals to recover the debt. For the case of personal bankruptcy, the bank seeks help from the recovery tribunal to recover the debt.
Last year, under the Insurance and Bankership Code (IBC) in IBC, only the corporate sector and start-ups were given the opportunity to declare bankruptcy. But now the idea is to make rules for the provisions of this law by the company affairs ministry, the partnership firm and also to be implemented individually. It is thought that the provision is made to make counseling compulsory in this process by the working group. An official said about this, "A simple structure is required to declare bankruptcy, with the help of the needy people."

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