Earning out of the house can earn millions of rupees

Earning out of the house can earn millions of rupees
You can also make money as well as earn money from ATM. Earning by making an ATM is easy. You can earn millions of rupees by sitting at home. For this you should have a shop, office or house in the area related to nearby markets.
You can open an ATM with the White Label ATM franchise. White Label is an ATM Service Provider. This company offers franchisees in ATMs in cities and villages. Apart from the public and private banks, White Label offers ATM services to companies like Indices, Muthoot and India One.
This is the ATM imposing rules:
There should be a space of 50-100 square feet to apply for ATM.
Space should be ground floor and good visibility.
You will have to deposit security in order to take the ATM.
To manage the security, you will have to apply online at India One ATM website.
This can be done earnings:
You can do this by putting an ATM in your shop or office, earnings.
The company will not pay you rent but according to transaction costs.
Monthly income will be up to Rs.19,500 per day on the 50 transactions.
Monthly earnings will be up to Rs. 39000 per 100 transactions per day.
Monthly earnings will be up to Rs 78000 at the time of 200 transactions.
Monthly earnings of Rs. 1,70,000 can be done on the 300 transactions per day.
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