Now even without the help of this app, farmers can know about the quantity of fertilizers in which crop
Farmers of the country can now know in your mobile phone about how much quantity of fertilizers you have to put in your area. This information will be provided by the Agricultural App. Downloading it once does not require Internet connection for its use.
The agribusiness network of the Indo-European Chamber of Commerce and Industries (IICCI) has just released for farmers. They feed the soil data of the entire country and recaptured macro nutritional value of more than 100 crops.
IICCI Director Anuradha Sindhi said that in the last year the central government has issued a circular. In it, the fertility of the Fertilizer dealer was decided to be MSc from BSc Agriculture, Diploma in In Agricultural Instruction or Chemistry. The objective was to tell the dealers the right amount of true fertilizers to the farmers as per crop and soil.
Farmers go to the Play Store of the Android mobile phone and install krashak by typing. Then open it There are no registration logs or OTPs. No name address access means that no information is sought. Once downloaded, the internet does not need to be connected to the full time. This app is both in Hindi and English.
Next Step Select the first crop series, then select the crop, put your farm area in hectare or acre. If there is a Soil Test ie clay test card then insert the value of NPK as per the card. Otherwise choose your state, district and block. Then click on the general fertilizer. Six synthesis of manure is available. It is also about how and when to mix these blends.
This will benefit
Farmers will be able to get proper information regarding fertilizers at home.
Information can be found even if there is no soil test card.
Even if there is no internet connection, you can also take the information. Decisions regarding fertilizers can be taken without the advice of the Agriculture Department.

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