Do not dream of going abroad ever listening to the specialty of these 8 villages in India

People are always better than the city's village. People are heading towards cities to earn money. But you may be shocked to know that there are many villages in India which are even better than cities. Today we will tell you about the villages in India, which have made themselves a separate identity in education, rupees, officers and social services.
Madhopatti (Johnpur, Uttar Pradesh)
You will love the village of Syarko's block in the district of Uttar Pradesh's Jonpur district. It is said that only the IS and the IPS are produced in this village. This village is known as the village of the village in whole of Joppur.
47 IAS officers from 75 households are serving in different states of the country. Some people of this village are scientist, some work on a big post. In the year 1914, Mustafa Hussein of this village was elected as PCS officer. Indu Prakash in 1952
The lion was selected in the ISF. After that, the line to become the officer in the village took place. At that time the army of officers in the village stood up.
Pipalitri (Rajsamand, Rajasthan)
Where many places in India are considered burden of the child, there is a village in Rajasthan where happiness is born on the daughters' birth. In this village, when a girl is born, parents can celebrate her by planting 111 trees. The people of the village collect 21 thousand rupees and deposits in the bank in the name of the child. Also, the village panchayat is also given 10 thousand rupees. This tradition was started by Shyam Sundar Paliwal, the former sarpanch of the village of Pipalantri, in memory of his daughter.
Madavag (Shimla, Himachal Pradesh)
Madavag village in Chaupal tehsil of Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh is famous for its cultivation. Most of the village income is from farming. This village is also called Asia's richest village. The plight of this village is 2000. Where all the farmers cultivate applesauce. Most of the apples in this village are exported abroad. So its income is high. The people of the village use a variety of technologies in agriculture. Connected to the Internet. This farmer's apple is said to be in the income of the Arabs.
Hivera Bazar Village (Ahmednagar, Maharashtra)
This village of Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra was very poor at one time. But the people of the village used the technology of farming to successfully use biological farming successfully. After that the youth of the village did not look back. The map of the village changed with his passion and loneliness. Today 80 farmers in the village are crorepatis. This village has become a role model for farmers across the country.
Dharmaj (Anand, Gujarat)
There is a village in Gujarat where only 13 banks in the villages having population of 11,332 are affected. Where no lines are found. Most people in this village live abroad. There are 13 branches of nationwide, private and cooperative in the villages having population of only 17 hectares and having population of 11,333. The number of deposit holders in the village is higher. Of course, the village of investors is called 'Paris' There is no country in the world where religion is not inhabited.
Uttar Sandha (Kheda, Gujarat)
Nadiad-Anand is situated in Uttransda village with a population of about twenty thousand. There is a different environment when you enter this village. On Diwali, you will often see monastery shops and factories in the village. The reason behind the popularization of this small village in the country and abroad is that of monastery and papad. The people of North-South India, who are the people of the country and abroad, say that 30 to 35 small and big factories in the home industry are located in this village. And Diwali earns at least Rs. 70 crores.
Madhapur (Kutch, Gujarat)
In Kutch, the property of billions of 24 villages in 24 villages is taken as deposits. Madhopur was among the richest villages in Asia. But now this place has been taken to the heart of Himachal Pradesh. There was an increase of about 58% on the Deposits of Madhopur Deposits. Currently Rs. The treasure of 3477 crores has been preserved in banks and postal accounts. The people of this village have lived in many countries, including Africa, America, Britain.
Baari (Nagore, Rajasthan)
Bairi village of Nagore district of Rajasthan is also considered as a rich village. People of every religion live in this village with a population of almost 10,000. More than 200 people from this village are serving in the Indian Army. Every other house in this village is in the army. Khan, a scientist of Bhabha Atomic Research Center, is also a resident of this village. In this village there is the Pouthi Muslim Women of Rajasthan IPS. The literacy of the village is 90%.
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