1. whatsapp delete for everyone feature
WhatsApp offers innovative updates for users. Currently, WhatsApp has introduced two new features for its Android and iOS users, the text color and Picture-in-Picture video calling option. Once again, WhatsApp has come up with a new update for its users. It is said that WhatsApp has been working on 'delete for everyone' feature for both OS and Android users. 'delete for everyone' means that the message sent to the receiver can be deleted before reading the message.
2. whatsapp delete for everyone feature
According to Whitsap Serial Tipster WABetaInfo, the recall server is working on a recalling message. However, this feature can be tested on WhatsAppSet. This feature will be released for all as well. Tipster claims that the 'delete for everyone' feature will be rollout soon. Tipster said that this feature will also delete the message from the Notification Center.
3. whatsapp delete for everyone feature
(Image Courtesy: @WABetaInfo)
Let us tell you that this feature is already available on Telegram, Viber and other messaging apps. As well as WhatsApp, this feature will be presenting soon for its daily users. These apps have been given to you to revoke or revoke the message, which will be displayed on single tick.
4. whatsapp delete for everyone feature
Currently the Picture-in-Picture feature has been introduced for both Android and iOS users. This feature allows the user to resize the video calling window, as well as you can move it, for example you are making a video call with whitspeap, but at this time you have to talk to someone else, you can minimize the video window and video calling You can also chat with someone else at the time.
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