Congress 4000 unemployment allowance will pay

Congress 4000 unemployment allowance will pay
Ahmedabad: According to the election of the Gujarat assembly, Congress today announced that the unemployment allowance will be paid to the unemployed youth of the state, the youth employment campaign has been announced. For this, the Gujarat Congress The registration process of unemployed youth across the state will be started for 5 days from 14th September, according to state Congress President Bharat Singh Solanki.
Gujarat Congress President Bharat Singh Solanki today announced the Navsarjan Youth Employment Campaign at a press conference in Ahmedabad, that in the last 22 years, the BJP government has completely failed to employ youth.
In Gujarat, about 10 lakh youths are registered as unemployed by government records. When the number of unemployed unemployed youth goes up to about 20 lakhs.
Bharat Singh Solanki said that Congress promises that if Congress comes to power, they will give unemployment allowance to unemployed youth. In which Rs. 3000 / - for graduate youth 3500 / and post graduate youth get Rs. The unemployment allowance of 4000 / - will be given.
Solanki criticized the BJP government's policy, saying that 12 lakh educated youths fill the form for 600 jobs in the state, showing the status of youth of Gujarat. When the BJP government is giving jobs to the right people, they are exploiting the youth financially, physically, and mentally.
Solanki further said that Congress has published a form of employment allowance for the unemployed youth. For registration on the Internet, option has been given to
In addition, toll free number 1800-200-3170 can also be registered with a missed call. About this Camps will be started for registration of unemployed youth in district and taluka of Gujarat for five days from September 14. After this, the website will also be registered.
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