Career option after the 12th Commerce - It is often considered that after passing 12th from Science, you can find a good job or career option. But it is not so, after passing the 12th to the Commerce, you can make a good career in many fields.
Today, we will tell you, if you have done or are doing from the 12th commerce, then which career options can prove to be the best for you.
Career Options After 12th Com:
B.Com in Financial Market:
After 12th, after doing a B.Com in Financial Market course, you can earn a lot of money. In this course, you learn about finance, things related to the stock market and they are very useful for your career. This course is of 3 years. After doing the course, the student has to do an internship and after that he gets a job easily.
Baw Com, B Com Hons:
After 12th, these two courses do many students. These two curses have immense combinations. Baw In the comm, students are given an account, information about the goods. B. In case of Honors, students have to make specialization in another subject. Both courses are of 3 years. After doing the course, the student gets a job easily because the demand for the course is quite high.
Chartered accountant:
They all know that after 12th to the Commerce, most of the students want to be a chartered accountant. Chartered accountant is in almost every major company and he gets good money too. Before this course, students have to go through the Common Proficiency Test. Only after successful in this test he reaches the next stage. After completing the course, the student gets a job. To do this, students need to work very hard. If you go out once you get your silver.
This is the career option after the 12th commerce - says that no studies are small or large. It is necessary that you recognize your talent. After 12th from Commerce, many people say there is not much scope in it. Should have been from science. But if you are out of the 12th pass from Ahar commerce, tell us to do courses and get success stairs in life.
But it is essential that you must have full confidence in yourself.
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