ATM Secrets: Not only Cash from ATM, these 7 works will also be done

Most of us think that empty cash from ATM will mean money only. But with ATMs you can withdraw money whenever you want. Along with the other 7 can also work. Very few people know about it. Today we are also telling you 7 different ATMs, so that you do not have to wait for the bank to open this work and you can do all these things with the help of an ATM. Learn more about this here ...
Fixed Deposit With ATM
If you want a FD, you do not need to cut the banks. For this you can go to any nearby ATM and take advantage of fixed deposit services. Swipe your ATM card for this and thus you can make a fixed deposit.
Money transfer
With ATM you can easily transfer funds. If you want to send money to someone soon, you can do that too. For this, you can transfer funds up to 4000 rupees with ATMs instantly. But here let us tell you that to transfer funds, you need to have a bank account with that person.
Personal Loan
You can also get a personal loan using an ATM. Your bank gives you pre-paid personal loan facility. You can take help from ATMs for this.
Money deposit
You can also get help with ATMs and deposit your account. Many banks use a machine to deposit money in their ATMs. You do not need to go to the bank to deposit the money. Let us tell you that this facility is not yet available in all the banks.
Mobile Recharge
With ATMs you can recharge prepaid mobiles. For this you have to touch the mobile recharge button in the ATM menu. Then you can recharge your mobile by filling out the information listed therein.
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