Apple iPhone X Phone Specification

Apple iPhone X Phone Specification
Apple launched the iPhone X on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. In this special event, Apple has also launched the iPhone 8 and 8+ Plus. But people are more focused on iPhone X. This smartphone is a lot new and certainly this phone will not disappoint Apple’s fans. Read about the specialty and value.

Apple iPhone X Display
Apple iPhone X has a 5.8-inch OLED display, with a resolution of 1125 × 2436 pixels. The company named it Super Retina Display. The special thing is that no one has ever seen this display in any iPhone.
Apple iPhone X Variants
Apple iPhone X two variants of iPhone X. One is 64GB and the second is 256GB.
Apple iPhone X Camera
iPhone X has a 12MP rear camera. The first phone operator is f / 1.8 and the second is f / 2.4. Along with that, 7MP front camera has been given for selfies.
Apple iPhone X Button
In Apple iPhone X is no home button in the iPhone X, it can be swiped from the bottom to the top of the screen on the screen.
Apple iPhone X System
an unlock system that will recognize the face and unlock the phone itself In the iPhone X, Face Recognition. Also, the password has been provided for the same. It has an infrared camera on its top, which can detect users’ faces even in the dark. It is being claimed that Face ID is faster and safer than Touch ID.
Apple iPhone X Battery
It has wireless charging technology. IPhone’s battery will last more than 7 to 2 hours.
In the iPhone X, animated emoji is also given an option, its expression can now be sent in the form of an emoji.
Apple iPhone X Booking
Prior booking in many international markets, including India, will start on October 27. Sales will be available from November 3.
Apple iPhone X Color
This iPhone has been launched in silver and space gray color with percussion effect.
Apple iPhone X Price in India
The iPhone X’s 64GB variant is priced about at $ 999 (Indian price is 64 thousand rupees), while the variant of 265GB of storage is valued at $ 1,149 (Rs 73,000). Talking about the Indian market, the price of iPhone X will start at Rs 89,000.
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