7 lakh jetli Nokrio lewase bhog nokri jwana aa che karano

7 lakh jetli Nokrio lewase bhog nokri jwana aa che karano
7 lakh people can be employed in coming days in India. And because of Artificial Intelligence and Automation The report, issued by US Resort firm HFS, has warned people of this danger. According to the report, Indian IT industry is promoting automation and artificial intelligences. And due to this, skilled workers may have to wash their hands with their jobs. The report said that 24 lakh skilled laborers were in 2016, but by 2022 their number is expected to be only 17 lakh.

There will be more negative impact on the domestic IT industry

According to the report, the impact of this will be more on domestic IT companies. And also on BPO Industry These jobs are also likely to be lowered not only in India but globally. Globally, labor is also likely to fall by 31 percent.

The number of jobs decreased by 31 percent

It is worth mentioning that there were 3,20,000 high skilled people in the job in 2016. Which will improve 5, 10,000 by 2025. This trend shows the global phenomenon in India. Because the number of jobless jobs globally is likely to fall by 31 percent, while middle-skilled jobs can increase up to 13 percent. 57% increase in jobs with high skill and 4, 50,000 job losses in BPO and IT sector.

In fact, 36. 5 million people in this area were working in 2016, whose number has dropped to 32 lakhs in 2022. And due to automatic machines, jobs in the IT and BPO sector will decrease by 5.7% across the world. This will have direct impact on India as well as in America and Britain. Currently, companies are getting information on the impact of robotic process automation on their services sector.

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