Whats App New Features Coming soon..Read more Details click blow link

Whats App New Features Coming soon..Read more Details click blow link
That’s because WhatsApp is now apparently looking to conquer the world of business and workplace communications.
'WhatsApp for Business', specifically targeted at business users, is being tested now.
"WhatsApp for Business is all about small and medium businesses,” WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton reportedly said, "where you have a small employee count and have a large customer count, and the goals are very different."
The service would allow companies whose employees need to travel a lot, or carry out a lot of work using mobile devices, to stay in touch simply and easily using WhatsApp.
The new platform is being tested in India now, and will launch in the country soon, followed by Brazil and Indonesia, before hopefully spreading to other markets.
However WhatsApp, which reportedly has around 200 million users in India, may face sterner competition in countries such as the UK, where services such as Slack and Skype are still popular.
It's not known if WhatsApp will look to charge business customers to use the new app, or whether it will keep the service free, like its mobile offerings.
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