TRICK: Lock your private chat on like whatsapp

TRICK: Lock your private chat on like whatsapp
Today we are going to tell you a trick that lets you lock your partner or any other special personal chat. For this you have to install WhatsApp Chat Locker from the Google Play Store. You have to enter a password as well as open the App. This password will lock the chat. Like if someone tries to open a chat, the app will ask for the password. You can open it only. No one else can talk to this chat except you.
After using this app you will not have to lock the whole of whatsapp. This is a free app available at the Google Play store.
- Install the whatsapp chat locker app from the Google Play store. The new page will be opened just from the App Open. Here, hover over the password and password hitting and press OK. This password will be used to lock the chat.
- A new page will open in which + Tap on this icon. Now tap on the new Page lock whatsapp chats.
Here the password protection message will be sent, which will tape on OK. Now let's switch the app to the accesibility.
Now go to the app and tap on the + again icon to lock on whatsapp chats, okay new message. Whatsapp will be open than ok
Now tap the chat you want to lock on whatsapp. Now the conversation will be the message of the people. The chat is locked. No one can open it. You have to enter the password to open.
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