Techno-legal community and digital activists believe that the appeal against the data sharing between WhatsApp and Facebook can be influenced by the Supreme Court's Right to Privacy decision. Apart from this, Draft being drafted by Tri is also likely to have an impact on the Data Protection Framework.
The right to privacy is an element of various legal traditions to restrain government and private actions that threaten the privacy of individuals. Over 150 national constitutions mention the right to privacy.
Since the global surveillance disclosures of 2013, the inalienable human right to privacy has been a subject of international debate. In combating worldwide terrorism, government agencies, such as the NSA, CIA, R&AW, and GCHQ have engaged in mass, global surveillance, perhaps undermining the right to privacy.
There is now a question as to whether the right to privacy can co-exist with the current capabilities of intelligence agencies to access and analyse virtually every detail of an individual's life. A major question is whether or not the right to privacy needs to be forfeited as part of the social contract to bolster defense against supposed terrorist threats.
According to the founder of MediaNews Technology's News Network website and the Internet Freedom Foundation, "People are generating many data. Many companies collect and use data Normal people also have the right to control the data. Troubleshooting this data can cause problems. In my opinion, data is a new power. And the Supreme Court again gave power to the people. "
A well-known advocate welcomed the court's decision, saying "there is no definition of privacy. But its area is expanded to Article 21. This is an extensive area. It is also necessary for the use of other rights. "While another senior advocate said that this decision is very exciting. Instead of a definite definition of privacy, it has been talked about every issue that is the right way.
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