Reliance Jio took another step ahead in its effort to bring more customers onto its platform today, unveiling a new ‘buy one get one’ offer where Prime users are given additional data benefits on a recharge of Rs 149 and above. The window starts from 1 GB and goes up to 5 GB and 10 GB of data for the recharges done within the period of the Happy New Year offer, which is slated to end on March 31. However, the data offers remain available till April 1.

In the new offer, the Jio users can claim up to 10 GB of free data on early recharges. According to the offer, if you are a Jio subscriber and wish to opt for the Rs 149 prepaid plan, you will get 2 GB of data along with unlimited free calls, and then 1 GB of free data on top of that. On the other hand, the Rs 303 plan will fetch you 5 GB of free data along with 28 GB of data. On the Rs 499, Rs 999, Rs 1,999, Rs 4,999, and Rs 9,999 plans, the users will get 10 GB of free data in addition to the original data. So, if the user completes a higher recharge, the extra data for a month is 10 GB, which for a year equals 120 GB of free data.

Jio continues its push for new customers.
Jio also lets users do multiple recharges before March 31, and the add-on packs can be used when needed. Users have the option of choosing which cycle they want the recharges to function in. This essentially means that the recharges are like vouchers, which can be kept and used whenever the user wishes.
The ‘welcome offer’ freebies will get over on March 31, after which the data will be chargeable. To streamline the overflowing requests, the telecom brand has opened its offer to only its Prime members. Users have to pay a certain amount to become ‘prime’ subscribers. There will be separate charges for data consumed by prime and non-prime members. In order to become a Prime member, subscribers need to pay Rs 99 before March 31, and a minimum of Rs 303 per month for the next one year to get unlimited internet.
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