Post office can also make you millionaire, know how to do this

Post office can also make you millionaire, know how to do this
The post office generally knows most for postal mortgages, postal stamps, or Kisan development letters, National Savings Certificates and very post office monthly savings plans. But if the post office plans are considered in financial planning, then one can not even think that it can make millionaires even with being secure. The post office has many financial products that can make you financially resilient if used properly with proper planning.

Keep such a focus for investing
While investing in a post office, it should be ensured that some investments are completed within 5 years, some of the investments last for 15 years. So to invest for a longer period you should invest once again after maturity.
Taxes are also allowed in tax
There are some post office investments in which income tax is allowed in addition to good interest on investment. This includes schemes like PPF, NSE

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