PM's 'Subco Housing' scheme will be a hundred crore houses by 2022

PM's 'Subco Housing' scheme will be a hundred crore houses by 2022
New Delhi: In order to complete the announcement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "Subhash Aavya", the Urban Development Ministry is planning to create skyscrapers in 30 months in just three months. For this reason a very competitive global competition will be made.
According to Central Urban Development and Urban Avance Secretary Durgshankar Mishra, the cost of production will be reduced by such technology and maximum houses will be built in very short period. Mishra said that there is a need to build a total of 100 million houses in the urban areas of the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a time for 2022 to complete the project.
To achieve this goal, we are adopting a global technology with the exception of traditional technology. The Urban Development Secretary said that the state government is willing to accept the land and it is also their responsibility to pass the map. All parties are excited about this technology.
Representatives of Indian Institute of Technology, Army Engineer, Engineering Institute, Vastu Institute and other related organizations participated in the unorganized Round Table on Housing Technology. Meanwhile, people agreed to adopt global technology.
The government has made complete preparations to fight the challenge of production. Using global technology will save both time and expenses. Furthermore, foreign companies will also get a chance to invest in India.

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