Please call the number at the book and call this number

Please call the number at the book and call this number
People are not able to see the craze in the photo as much as the Reliance Geo Sim was, however, on the evening of August 24, at 5.30 pm, Geo's website booking had to crash. At the same time the site started again and people booked the phone. Since then, the booking of the phone is getting easily online with offline, online and my Geo app. The big question in this case is that if you have booked the phone then find out its status. So let us tell you.
So if you've got live phone then you can know the status of your phone by dialing a number and using the My Geo app. Apart from this, if you book a phone for a friend, then you can also find the status of it. That is, any person can know the status of the mobile booking, for this, just need the mobile number given during the booking of the phone i.e. the phone number which has been booked from the mobile number. Learn the numbers and the process in the next slide.
First, dial 18008908900 from any mobile phone or landline. You will now have the option to choose the language. This service is currently available in Hindi, English and Punjabi languages. It can be made available in other languages ​​soon.
Select your language by dialing the number. You will now be asked a mobile number. Now enter the mobile number that you have given when booking the phone. Then press confirm to press 1. After this your phone status will be told. Find another method in the next slide.
Apart from this, you can also know the phone status of the My Geo app. For this you will need to go to the Manage Voucher section of My Geo App, from which you can know the phone status. Find out which slides will run in the phone and full specification in the next slide.

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