Now the introduction of verified accounts in WhatsApp

Now the introduction of verified accounts in WhatsApp
Instant Messaging App Whatsapp is now launching Verify Account There are options for verification on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram before this. There are scales of account verification on these social sites. There will also be account verification variants on WhatsApp, that means everyone's WhatsApp account can not be validated.
Earlier, we had given you a report in which test for Whatsapp verified profile for business users was being done. It was then being tested for Windows Phone only. Now the company has announced that this feature will also work in the beta version of Android.
According to the Whatsapp Blog, some business accounts have already been validated by WhatsAppSet. A green badge will appear on the verified company and business profile.
Whatsapp has made it clear that the WHATSAP Business Profile Verification is currently for Limited users only who have participated in the pilot project. Specific features will also be added in the Verify profile which will get the option of Yellow Message inside the chat. These messages will not be deleted from chat.
Apart from this feature, there is a big feature for Indian users. Whatsapp will soon be able to transfer the UPI integration feature which will allow you to transfer money from this app. A screenshot was shared from WAbetainfo, in which UPI integration can be seen. At the moment, its tsetting has started, but it is not clear when it will be updated to all users.
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