Make these four places to recharge your Jio, get cashback

Make these four places to recharge your Jio, get cashback
Reliance Jio's Summer Surprise Offer is completed from August 16. If your phone still does not recharge with your new offer of Gio, then this is your job. By recharging the number of geo numbers in these four places, you will have two benefits: one of your Gio services will be started and you will get cashback up to a few rupees. You must also recharge it after the Geo Plan is completed. Then learn about where and how to get the cashback benefit from recharging. And get recharged twice as many benefits as possible.
If you have an ATM, you get a cashback of at least 15 rupees on recharge of more than 100 rupees on Reliance Geo number. Also, if you recharge a plan of more than 300 rupees as per the new plan, then you can get a cashback of Rs 76. It is noteworthy that you will have to enter the PayTMJIO promo code when you recharge it with a password for cashback. It is worth mentioning that all new schemes of Geo are more than 300 rupees. So if you recharge with PATM then you will surely get a cashback of Rs. 76.
Pay phone
If you recharge your plan in more than 300 rupees in Phoenix by Flipkart, you also get a cashback of Rs. 75. Take a special note of this offer that is available only for good prepaid recharge. You can only take advantage of this offer between August 14 and August 21. Just like PATI, your cashback will go directly to your account by phone pane.
If you are planning Rs 399 of Reliance Geo, you will get a cashback of Rs 59 for going recharge using Mobikikk. For that you have to put JIOMBK promo code. Also, the people who have not yet been recharge from Mobikwil and who are new users, they will have to use the NEWJIO code. They will get a cashback of Rs 159 for a recharge of Rs 399.
Pay amazon
You can recharge Reliance Geo by using Amazon Pay too. For this, you have to have a minimum of Rs 309 geo plan. You get a cashback of 99 rupees on this recharge. This offer is only from August 14 to August 19. At the same time, you can get a cashback of Rs 99 on Reliance Jio's first-rate recharge using Amazon Penn. And if the second charge is recharged then you can get cash equivalent of 20 rupees. You can get 20 bucks cashback service up to 30th recharge till 30 November.
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