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New Delhi (JnN). The Geo Sim was not as eager as it was for people to book GeoPhone, but still a large number of people booked the phone. Soon after the booking started Geophon, Reliance's website got stuck. However, shortly after, the website started working again. Now news has emerged that since the booking of Geophone has become a large number, the company has now stopped the booking process. Now those who have been successful in booking the phone, want to know about the delivery status. So in this post we are going to give you information about this.
How To View Your Geophoto Status?
If you have booked Geo Phone, you can also know the status of the phone by dialing a number or by using My Geo app. Not only you but also you can find the phone status of your friends or relatives. To find the status you will need the phone number that has been booked for the phone.
What is the process?
First, dial 18008908900.
After this you will have the option to choose the language. This service is currently available in Hindi, English and Punjabi.
After selecting the language you will be asked a mobile number. Enter the mobile number used during booking.
To confirm, press 1
Now you will know the stocks of your phone.
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