If this type of note will be the case, then the bank will not accept it

If this type of note will be the case, then the bank will not accept it
A message on all social media, including Whitsup, was viral, that was Rs. 50 and Rs. 100 notes will be closed midnight. But the reality is that no such announcement has been made from the Reserve Bank or the government. Yes, the new note of rupee 50 will be in the currency, but the old notes also remain in the currency. The Reserve Bank has clarified this. Although such rumors continue to occur on social media, it is important to know that in which case a note is exempted from the currency or the bank can not accept it. With this, the Reserve Bank has given you the rights to change the note, learn more.
If any nao or political message has been written from one end to the other, then it will not be legally valid and these notes will be canceled. Such blurred notes can be canceled.
If there is an intention to get an exchange rate, it will be canceled if a note that is torn or otherwise replaced with dishonesty. It is obvious to note that these works are aimed at cheating intentionally, because the way the notes are cut off That is torn or tampered with, the shape of the note, the acres of missing pieces Address found. That is, these notes are distorted from a particular place, especially when given in large numbers to change the knot.
This note can not be changed if there is a scrapped and faulty note which is not intended to be accepted in any of the offices of the Reserve Bank of India or in any bank branch. The bank's branch has been advised that they caution consumers that they will not take such notice from other bank or person.
Note that if it is in a very bad condition, if it is badly burnt, has been cut-off or otherwise stuck with each other, then this type of note can not be changed in the bank branch as the decision to change it is also under a special process.
In order to facilitate change of notes for public benefit and convenience, in each branch of the bank, the Reserve Bank of India has given the right to change the mutilated notes banks under rule 2 (j) of the rules, 2009.
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